Torrance Performing Arts Consortium (TPAC)

Shakespeare Awards Poetry Competition Information for 2015:

The Shakespeare Awards Poetry Contest for 2015 will have 4 Categories:

1 - Adults living in Los Angeles County

2 - High school students in LA County who are in a public, private or a home school

3 - Torrance Unified School District High School Students

4 - Special category: Shakespeare Sonnet Category! This category is open to all ages of poets living in Los Angeles County

Prizes, cash, medals and other recognitions!

Winners must be able to read their winning poems

No Fees for entry. Up to 3 poems must be mailed with a completed application or e-mailed with a completed  application to (download pdf) and include signed consent form, and follow all rules.

Please download forms

(Application and rules, information) from or

around January, 2015

The forms will be available in January 2015. Please check back,

Mailing Postmark DEADLINE for ENTRIES is Friday, April 10, 2015.

The winners will be contacted and announced near the end of April, 2015.

Reading will be taped on 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015.

Winners must be available to read  their winning poems.

Mail your entries to:

Shakespeare Awards Poetry Contest

c /o TPAC

P.O. Box 424

Torrance, CA 90508

All entries must follow all rules and regulations.


The Shakespeare Medallion

by Cinithia Joyce

The Shakespeare Awards Poetry Contest is a friendly competition for all aspiring, new and seasoned poets living in Los Angeles County, CA.  

Poems can be free verse, sonnets, limericks: whatever form the poet enjoys! Unless a category specifies a poem structure, all structure is allowed.

The poetry judging is anonymous, which means the judges are private, and the poets who enter poems are private from the judges.  This keeps the judging process fair and impartial.

The poems are scored by a measurable criteria, including how the poem sounds. Poetry was originally a spoken art form with all verse memorized.  So enjoy how it sounds, and share it.

Judges live literally around the country. Please submit your poems.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our email address is now:

Please enter! We will love to get your poems.

photo by Joey Ikemoto